Santa Catarina Minas is a community of Oaxaca that receives this name in honor of Santa Catarina de Alejandría and also because there were mines of different precious metals exploited in the past.
Minas, as it is known by its people, is a town that celebrates in each festivity its love for tradition, culture and community. The March Carnival, Palm Carving of San Pedro Mártir in April, Guelaguetza festival in July, Day of the Death in November and the Mayordomía of San Juan Evangelista in December, all these experiences feed the tradition every year, make it stronger, deeper, and, perhaps more important, these experiences bring the legacy of a community to all of us, to the world.
Mezcal is not a fashion, it is tradition, it means legacy. It is the contact with our roots and an act of respect and love towards ourselves. Sacapalabras tells stories of our ancestors and accompanies us in the stories that we build day by day.