Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca

Sacapalabras is a mezcal full of culture and tradition; it is honesty, brotherhood, social responsibility and care for the environment, but above all it is a devout conviction that rises from the ancient customs of our people and proudly shows the scents and flavors of our land.

In the world of mezcal, being ancestral means to preserve the traditions, being ancestral means to rethink the traditions as a bridge that connect us with new generations, a bridge that let us transmit the best of our culture.

We use the original organic processes inherited through the time to create Sacapalabras. From the cooking of agave in traditional ovens, the grinding with wood mallet through the fermentation in sabino wood vats and distillation in clay pots, we take care of every detail in the process in order to keep the historical uniqueness of our ancestral beverage.


Sacapalabras aspires to be sustainable in all senses:

  • Fair trade is a keystone in our value proposition, generating sustainable trade agreements with our suppliers, our collaborators and the community
  • Deep commitment with transmission of knowledge and culture to new generations
  • Social responsibility with our stakeholders
  • Conservancy of agave varieties

Santa Catarina Minas is in itself, an incomparable cultural legacy, a legacy of ancestral mezcal. The knowledge transmitted by generations has allowed the production of Sacapalabras to be of premier quality. In Santa Catarina Minas the mezcal tradition is preserved and, at the same time, the land that has given us so much is respected.